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Darrell Dean
Your Surfing Results

Dear fellow surfer,

Let me ask you something...

How would it make you feel to get great results from your surfing efforts?

To finally understand how you can actually surf less yet get all the sales or sign ups you know you deserve?

Imagine feeling that way...

A few months ago Darrell Dean approached me for advice on an idea, a gem of an idea, his surfing calculator.

That one idea would be enough for me to recommend Darrell's new site but he has added a mass of new features and that gem of an idea has turned into this superb new membership site.

A calculator may not sound sexy but if you are a serious surfer Darrell's site is essential.

You could just ask yourself. Do I want to buy the latest hype-filled ebook which will gather dust on my hard drive? Or do I want to take on something that I actually need?

Joining Surfing For Success was a no-brainer for me and I strongly recommend it to you.

Paul Kinder

My name is Darrell Dean, and I'm a professional traffic exchange user. I get good results from my surfing efforts. But…it wasn't always this way. You see…

I feel your pain.

Day after day, I clicked my fingers to the bone and got no results. Trust me, I've been there, done that. Since 2001.

You know, everyone talks about the need for a splash page and tracking your results. And that's true. But...

...what about a guide you can use to help you achieve your goals?

…what about a simple, easy-to-use system that anyone can follow to dramatically increase their traffic exchange results while making their surfing more time efficient?

Traffic exchange advertising can be cost-effective, but only if you know how to do it and why.

But there's a missing piece

It took me a long time to find it. And now I want to share it with you.


The Surfing Calculator

Imagine using an easy-to-use, interactive online system to answer questions like:

  1. How many credits will I earn for each of my three splash pages if I surf 20 minutes today on these five traffic exchanges? What if I surf 45 minutes using seven exchanges? Or...

  2. What should my daily surfing schedule be? Or...

  3. What should my weekly surfing schedule look like?

Yes, the Surfing Calculator can answer all of those questions! No more guessing and no more wasted time!

The Surfing Calculator helps you figure out your best Surfing Plan. Automatically! It's easy to use. And there's no software to download - just visit a special, members-only web page, fill in a few boxes with your information and - out pops your solution!

Darrell has hit a home run with Surfing for Success. His Surfing Calculator is a one of a kind surfers tool. For years, I have spoken and written about surfers pogo sticking from traffic exchange to traffic exchange without any purpose or reasoning. His calculator can instill some discipline into your surfing and increase your surfing efficiency. His resource library and traffic exchange list are an excellent resources for anyone who surfs. The upgrade is A+ in my mind.

Tony Tezak

But wait - there's more, much more!

You see, I could stop here and simply sell the Surfing Calculator to you as a stand alone product for a huge, one-time upfront fee.

But that's wrong, and here's why...

Some users may download the software but never use it or use it incorrectly;

Many surfers may be unable to make a large, upfront investment to buy the software;

I want to assist you in your surfing efforts - not just today or tomorrow but for many years to come - instead of selling you something then never hear from me again;

I very much care about you!


I created a Reference Center stuffed with loads of resource material,
in addition to the Surfing Calculator, to help you maximize
the results you get from your surfing efforts!

I call it:

The Ultimate Surfing Success Center!'s FREE to use!

Yes, FREE!

Just look at what ALL members get...

Use of the basic functions of the Surfing Calculator to calculate credits using our proprietary online web application system;

Access to the exclusive and comprehensive "Resource Library" filled with solutions and recommendations. Quickly get information on:
List Building Techniques
Personal Development
Splash Pages
Tracking Solutions
Web Site Hosting

Access to the "Traffic Exchange Reviews" center, providing concise details on most major traffic exchanges online today. Need a new traffic exchange? Then this is the place to visit!

If you are an owner of a traffic exchange related business, you can display a detailed description of your business in the exclusive "Meet The Owners" area for free;

Access to the "Promotion Center" containing splash pages you can use to promote Also provided are sample emails and other advertising advice - all designed to help you earn money;

Earn 10% Residual Income from every Pro Member you refer.

If that's not enough, you can always...

Upgrade To The Pro Membership For Only 33 Cents A Day!

Pro Members get all of the above benefits, PLUS:

Full use of the Surfing Calculator, including the ability to calculate daily and weekly surfing schedules using our proprietary online web application system;

Ability to re-brand most of the standard affiliate links to your affiliate links across the entire web site;

Access to a special input area where you can add additional referral listings within the "Resource Library" and "Traffic Exchange Reviews" sections, providing you an opportunity to promote those products and services YOU wish to promote;

Access to a special input area for text ads;

Earn random referrals;

Ability to email your 1st level downline once every 7 days;

Earn 30% Residual Income from every Pro Member you refer.

Hello Darrell

I loved the Red Marbles!

I read recently that as we walk along the road, it is a good thing to picture ourselves sowing seeds of love and kindness.

Thanks for the newsletter - it's great!

a new member

Get Your No-Risk FREE Membership!

OK, here's the deal...

Sign up today and use "The Ultimate Surfing Success Center", including the exclusive Surfing Calculator, for FREE - with no further strings attached.

If you don't agree that this is THE "Ultimate Surfing Success Center," simply cancel your membership at any time. But of course I bet once you see the value you get from the Surfing Calculator and the Success Center, you won't even consider surfing without these powerful tools!

Not sure if the Surfing Calculator and
"The Ultimate Surfing Success Center" is right for you?

Do any of the following situations apply to you:

I surf a lot but I'm not getting the results I expect;

I only have a very limited time to surf each day and, therefore, I don't know how many or which traffic exchanges I should surf;

I don't currently possess a surfing plan;

I don't know where to go to get a splash page made;

I want to see a listing of the major traffic exchanges and their unique features

If any of the above situations apply to you, then you owe it to yourself to sign up right now. You'll be amazed at the many benefits you receive! Join a like-minded community today and "calculate" your Plan for greater surfing success!

Be the best!

Darrell Dean, BA, CPA, CGA

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